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  • "THIS IS A LOT"  This article by Jennifer Bradley, featured in Beyond the Spotlight, was written for teachers, but applies equally to parents taking on the role of teacher. 
I found this article reassuring. It reminded me we're all doing our best.

One of my favorite lines - "Keep them learning? In the midst of a pandemic?" It reminds me that yes, we want our children to learn and continue to develop their academic skills. But, how important to remember that growing and learning happens everywhere, not just in Google Drive and on printable worksheets.

"Because human development isn't tied to schooling. We are all learning all the time. And right now? Humans are learning so much, and we are learning all under duress at warp speed."

Whatever we do to help ourselves and to help our children cope and live joyfully - perhaps under lockdown - is learning for now. Stay safe, stay loving, stay learning joyfully.

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